It's just a privilege to have Marianne Dumas in our daughter's musical life. Excellent cellist and great teacher. With their classes, her guidance and example, we have received from her the best musical training that can be desired. Thank you Marianne for your integrity, your professionalism, your respect for music and your teaching method.

Eva S. - London


Marianne Dumas is an excellent teacher; first of all because he is completely involved with the student's particularity and interest in the instrument and what he-she wants to get out of it - and secondly because thanks to her high training with the instrument, but also her research in posture, movement, and breathing ; she can offer a comprehensive knowledge to the student, which provides a methodical training, rarely achieved in the study of an instrument.

Mar de L. - Berlin


She has a high degree of commitment and seriousness in her classes. Teacher very prepared and with good knowledge. She is a great specialist in the study of instrument technique. She is quick, imaginative and never gives up. Teacher with patience and excellent treatment. In a few months I have achieved a breakthrough by correcting errors and developing other aspects of the instrument. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED.

Cruz. - Madrid


Marianne es una gran maestra y músico. Un gran dominio de la técnica y mucha expresividad en su sonido. Es una maestra que se asegura de que todo lo que hagas sea para tu beneficio. Se concentra mucho en su alumno y tiene muy buen oído y ojo para ayudarte a encontrar y entender lo que te falla y rápidamente ofrecerte soluciones. Muy contento con las clases. La recomiendo mucho. 

Alonso - San Francisco

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For whom?

Biomechanics is for you if:
  • you continually seek to enhance your ability to express yourself and to discover new sources of inspiration.
  • You would like to get a bigger understanding of your cello and how to get the best sound out of it.
  • You are dealing with tendinitis / pain during and/or after playing.
  • You would like to help your students prevent future injuries.
  • You feel like you cannot improve anymore (any level).
  • You are dealing with a lack of motivation.
  • You need someone to coach you for competitions and auditions
  • You don't know how to explain certain technique points to your students